Digital Billboards.png

Advertise your business to over 40,000 cars a day on our Veterans Parkway Digital Billboard. Choose our 10 ft. by 21 ft. digital billboard to deliver your advertising message to buyers when they are most likely to buy.

It's Flexible

Digital billboards offer the flexibility for multiple messages without the cost of multiple billboards or the ineffectiveness of one cluttered message. Schedule multiple 10 second ads to run at various times of day or rotate them all 24 hours.

It's Immediate

Keep your message fresh. Directly respond to market conditions within minutes! Simply create a new digital ad and have it uploaded to the computer system.

It's Cost Effective

No need to pay for the production of vinyl billboards just to watch them fade or get destroyed by weather or time.You can run a long term campaign or promote a special event for just a few days! Options available to fit every budget – Advertise your business for as low as $100 a month!


*click on map for directions to our digital billboard